About the Photographer

Vicki FieldMost people that know me call me creative. If I'm not taking photos or thinking about taking photos, I am normally making something or thinking about making something.

I am lucky enough to spend my days engrossed in artistic endeavours and work full time as a photographer, graphic artist and jewellery designer. Since 2007 my art and photography has been sold throughout Europe, America and Canada, expanding to Australia in 2010 and Japan in 2011.I still get a kick out of knowing my work is hanging on walls around the world thousands of miles away!

I have an unending fascination with nature which features heavily in my galleries and has led me to a love of macro photography. Flowers are beautiful to look at, but they become absolutely amazing in their complexity once viewed in close up.

I am happy to say I have never been 'formally' trained. I am too much of an experimenter and explorer. A huge part of the joy in my job comes from play and discovery, learning new techniques and finding my own personal way of creating.

I hope you enjoy my galleries. It is my aim to update them at least once a week, so please come back again.

If you are interested in the jewellery I design and make, you can visit  www.victoriafielddesigns.co.uk to see it.